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Founded in 1995, Test & Controls International (TCI) does business with a number of Fortune 500 Companies, electrical component manufacturers, automotive manufacturers/suppliers, and appliance manufacturers around the world, helping to improve the quality and reliability of their products.

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Automated Test Equipment

With over 25 years experience developing custom designed test equipment, we have designed and built individual automated work cells, moving factory test loops capable of testing finished products as they move down the production line, and simple gauges.  Our solutions give the test engineer several tools to make it easier to manage their system; like the ability to manage the test sequences/ limits associated with each model, collect test results and store in SQL databases or external MES systems, and provide web based statistics and reports of the testing process.

* Electrical System Testing

* Safety: Ground Bond Continuity

* Safety: High Voltage Withstand

* Industry 4.0 Single Page Web Applications

for Test Management and Reporting

* UUT Communication (Custom Protocols)

* Spark & Flame Detection

* NVH Analysis

* Leak and Flow Testing

* Motor/Compressor Overload

* Low Voltage Start

* Delta Temperature Testing for refrigeration products

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Contract Services

Our staff includes engineers and programmers with a wide range of experience, language and diversity.  We can work with any language your project requires: PLC ladder logic controls, National Instruments Labview graphical programming, MS Visual C++/C#, or nodeJS/Typescript.

* Custom Industrial IoT Applications in today's Industry 4.0
* Custom Single Page Web Applications
* Web RESTful API Programming
* Embedded Controller Design
* Process Control
* Factory Information Systems
* Automated Equipment
* PLC Programming
* Machine Control
* Evaluation Lab Equipment
* Data Acquisition Design
* Vision System Integration
* Robotic Automation
* 3D Printing
* Custom Software Programming 
(C++, C#, nodeJS, Typescript, NI LabView)
* Database Design


Robotic Assembly and Testing

Automate your processes

We work with several robotic solutions including Fanuc, Universal Robotics, and Kuka to provide you a professional industrial automation solution.  Our goal is to provide a robust solution to help you increase quality and productivity as well as prevent operator injuries.  We can help you decide between a collaborative robot versus a traditional robot for your particular application.  Our experience includes projects for pick and place,  vision assisted assembly, and automated product test cells.

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Vision Inspection

Integration of industrial Vision Systems

Working with several industrial vision manufacturers we provide a robust integrated solution for your vision inspection and verification challenges.  Focusing on the selecting the right camera and lighting is key to providing a robust solution. We offer solutions that allow easy integration of vision results into plant databases and MES systems.


Laboratory Test Systems

Large-Scale Data Acquisition to collect power measurements, temperatures, flow rates, etc.  Back-end workflow analysis to manage the data collection rates, prompt the lab operator during the testing process, as well as the ability to store all data into SQL databases for reporting and graphical charting of results.

* Electrical System Testing

* NVH Analysis

* Temperature Testing

* Leak and Flow Testing

* Detailed Audit Type Testing

* Product Checkout

* Product Reliability

* Web Based Single Page Application Interfaces for Lab Management and Reporting

Toy Block

Factory Automation

Automating your factory with Industry 4.0 Technology

We have implemented several applications that give our customers the ability to automate administrative, productivity and quality processes.  These solutions are built using Factory Engine framework an low-code workflow editor that provides you the ability to extend and manage these yourselves. 

  • Operator Work Instructions​:  Automatically displaying images to production workers based on product bar-code scans.  A web application is provided to associate the uploaded work instruction images with the models scanned. 

  • Defect Tracking:  collecting defect data from production operators from fixed operator interfaces, portable tablets or handheld bar-code scanners to provide real-time graphs and product heat-map charts on factory screens or supervisors web pages.

  • Process Control Charts: automatically collecting variable quality data from machines/PLCs via OPC-UA or various PLC protocols to provide real-time control charts on the factory screens as well as data collection into SQL databases.

  • Production Tracking: collecting and reporting quality test data from Automation Test Equipment using an open RESTful API to provide real-time statistics and  product embargo/verification checkpoints

  • Sub-Assembly/Component Verification and Tracking: Open RESTful API to track component or sub-assemblies to a finished production, providing a database of product/component serial number associations.  Verification of components parts to the finished product to confirm the product matches bill of material requirements.

Quality Solutions

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Professional Test Engineering

Founded in 1995, TCI's initial growth was primarily in the appliance industry, both in the United States and Mexico. TCI now does business with a number of Fortune 500 Companies, automotive manufacturers/suppliers, industrial equipment manufacturers, and appliance manufacturers around the world, helping to improve the quality and reliability of their products.

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Yes, we are hiring!

TCI is a cutting edge company and a great place to work.
Benefits include health care, dental care, paid vacation, holidays, and a company retirement plan.

Design Engineer

3+ Years Experience in Electrical and Software Development

Strong electrical and mechanical aptitude is required and candidates with extensive
software skills desired.

This position is responsible for working with customer job specifications to design
equipment with software interfaces and database structures for test stands in Labs and Manufacturing Production Environments.

Some travel required

Electrical & Electronic Control Panel Assembler

Attention to Detail and Quality a Must

The chosen candidate will have 3+ years experience with building custom automation panels.  Strong electrical and mechanical aptitude is required. Candidates with extensive electrical, panel build, and wiring preferred. 

This position is responsible for assembling parts in accordance with job specifications, assembly drawings and schematics, department standards, and team leader's instructions. 

Some travel possible.

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